2017 Feb 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Barato serves up two cuts that evidence a firm grasp on house music history

Jamie Jones and Lee Foss's Hot Creations seem to have hit a rich vein of form of late, and in this reviewer's humble opinion, this two-tracker from Canada's Nathan Barato ranks among the label's best to date.

There are two tracks, neither of which is titled Freak Beater. On the A is Freaks Of The Industry, which with its tuff, driving 4/4s, scratchy-scrape-y synth sounds and treated "This is who we are" male vocal, would be ANOther perfectly serviceable but unexceptional peak-time tech-house chugger, but for the inclusion of a monstrous rumbling buzz bassline straight out of the speed garage playbook circa 1998. That b-line lifts the track to another level, and should help ensure maximum dancefloor carnage - though this is definitely one to save until they're already nicely warmed up.

For the B's Stomp Change, meanwhile, Barato reaches even further back in time, as the much-sampled vocal from Kraze's 1988 classic The Party ("Hey DJ, gimme a fat beat… somebody SCREAM… etc") gets another run-out atop a backing that's similar in MO to the A, except with a lighter touch to the beats and the buzz-bass toned down a notch or two.

Two dead-cert floor movers, then, that nod to classic house tropes of yore yet sound thoroughly contemporary at the same time. What's not to like?

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 10 February 



Review Score: 9




Tags: Nathan Barato, Hot Creations, Kraze The Party