2018 Nov 17     
2 Bit Thugs

Mo'Funk provides two originals, Tripmastaz take care of remix duties

After a string of successful releases on Mousse T’s Peppermint Jam and Junior Sanchez’s Brobot, Mo’Funk returns to Refuge with a two-tracker that comes with a remix of I Can’t Wait by Tripmastaz.

First up is Go On, which starts with drums and percussion, then adds male vocal samples and, eventually, a funky bassline and electric keyboards as the track develops into a real funky jam with a wobbly synth lead, vocal fills and a slightly Oriental feel. There are jazzy electric pianos and an old school vibe to it all, which works a treat and makes for a great opening track. 

Next we have the original of I Can’t Wait, which begins with a kick and mechanical-sounding percussion, then brings in a funky guitar line and a female vocal sample sparsely repeating the title while a funky backbeat develops. There's a breakdown with swirling noises and a protracted snare roll, and then it's back into the main groove, which has snappy percussion and soft pads to give it warmth. The Tripmastaz Golden Age Remix starts with evolving percussion and building jazzy keyboard chords, then brings in a subtle bassline and the guitar samples from the original. It's deep yet accessible with ever-changing percussion, and for me works better than the original.

This is great return to the label for Mo’Funk, with some killer licks in a funky, almost jazzy style that should be well received by house lovers the world over. My favourite is Go On but all three are quality cuts.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 15 November




Review Score: 7




Tags: Mo'Funk, Refuge Recordings, Tripmastaz, house