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MIXMSTR is a new mobile game about DJing

The free game's available now for iOS and Android

2019 Nov 19     
2 Bit Thugs

MIXMSTR is the brainchild of Youth Control Games

Youth Control Games has released a new mobile game for Android and iOS called MIXMSTR, which lets you play the role of DJ and build your skills as you progress from your local pub to the world's superclubs.

Although the game's intended to be a "realistic" depiction of club culture, it's aimed at the mass market and no actual real-life mixing skills are required… it still looks like fun, though, while design input – particularly with regard to the lighting – has come from real-life club owners, sound engineers and lighting techs.

Youth Control Games CEO Timo Juuti said: "There are already too many virtual DJ apps on the market. Instead, we wanted to make a fun game about DJ culture and the clubbing scene we love. You don’t need to be a DJ to enjoy MIXMSTR but you can still get a taste of what it’s like to drop a big tune and fill the dancefloor!"






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