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Misja Helsloot

"Rielism presents Misja Helsloot"

Label: Rielism

2017 Oct 14     
2 Bit Thugs

All five tracks are being issued separately to promote his new mix album of the same name

A bit of a strange one to review, this, but I'm doing it anyway! Rather than being an EP, the package consists of five separate single-track releases that are being issued to coincide with Misja Helsloot’s new compilation album, which features all five alongside tracks from other artists.

The first track is Labeorphilists, a fast-paced trancer that starts with a percussive intro. A giant riser then arrives and ushers forth the simple yet effective melodic part of the track, which features female vocals and a breakdown with lush pad sounds and a fretless-souding (but actually synth-generated) bassline. The second single is entitled Monday 12am and opens with a tougher, sparser percussive intro, then steers back into trancey waters with the help of a sonar bleep and a galloping feel, with stabbed synth chords and piano notes which take you to an almighty breakdown with bags of emotion, helped by a lush string arrangement.

For the next single, Your Shadow, Helsloot enlists the vocal skills of female vocalist Giusy Torrisi and co-produces with Emanuele Braveri. The track starts with a cymbal crash and quickly builds into a full vocal affair, with Torrisi’s vocals sounding warm and emotive over a pounding uplifting trance backbeat. For Indecent Exposure he throws down with Tim Verkruissen, and together they create another hard, uplifting number with an arpeggiated main riff and a relentless backbeat made up of percussion and synth wizardry, which like all good trance tracks features a great big arms-in-the-air breakdown, this time synth-led and highly percussive. Finally there's a Lemon8 Remix of Misja's Inevitable, a mellower cut which features laidback male vocals from Alex Staltari. It's a bass-led number, with echoed synths and almost swung percussion that give it a great relaxing feel.

This is a novel way to promote a compilation - it's certainly one I haven't come across before - but it clearly works, as the tracks are all of a high quality and strong enough to stand up on their own. They're also varied enough to suggest that the mix album must take you on a real journey. If you're a trance lover, this release is not to be ignored!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 9 October 



Review Score: 8




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