2019 Mar 03     
2 Bit Thugs

Caruso drops a two-tracker belter on his own 2Drop Records

Mirco Caruso returns to 2Drop Records with a fine house outing, which also features a tech-house remix from Jay de Lys.

First up is the Original MIx, which starts with a shuffling drum pattern, with a male vocal sample looped up in the background. The vocal sample rises in volume as first a tougher kick is added, then a choppy guitar loop, and there you have a simple but highly infectious backbeat. There are panned whooshes flying around in the mix and then it's breakdown time, where a female vocal line is added and the full male vocal is played. After another whoosh and a snare roll, it then plays on in a funky, looped-up style with clickety-click percussion, all of which adds up to a real dancefloor destroyer, with a second breakdown thrown in for good measure later on. 

The Jay de Lys Remix starts with tougher percussion with an added bongo lick, a well-tuned kick and a deep funky bassline, then adds the male vocal sample and the guitar riff. Instantly the track has a completely different vibe: it's still uplifting and packed full of funk, but has a dubbier, moodier feel which works great with the feel-good vocal. It's a juxtaposition of styles that you wouldn't imagine working, but it does.

Favourites-wise, it's a tough one to call as I admire the pureness of the original disco-house cut-up, but also crave the rawness of the chunky, dubby tech remix. I’ll probably end up playing both.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 February 



Review Score: 8




Tags: Mirco Caruso, Jay De Lys, 2Drop Records, house, tech-house