2021 Apr 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Two Japanese producers team up for a three-tracker on Raul Figueroa's label

Mexican label IWANT Music bring us a three-track EP from two Tokyo-based producers, MINT (JPN) aka Takanori Kamiya, and Aily.  All three tracks follow a similar basic MO, each topping a fairly simple deep tech backbeat with a variety of different FX, lead sounds and vocal snips – so as ever with this particular genre, the devil's in the detail.

Resonance itself leads the charge, a mid-paced, pulsating affair laced with synth drones, dubby FX and female "look around you" vocal snips. S'good, but my pick of the three is actually Reunion, a more smooth and sumptuous affair that leans towards trad-style deep house, comes underpinned by a cavernous, rumbling bassline, sports warping synths, a variety of trippy/sci-fi FX and spoken female vocal snips… and goes on forever, in the best possible way! Completing the package is Reminisce, a twitchier, glitchier cut with a claustrophobic feel.

To put it another way: if deep tech is essentially a hybrid of deep house and minimal, then Resonance is said bastard offspring exemplified, with Reunion and Reminisce representing the two bloodlines. Which means if you play anywhere along the deep house/deep tech/minimal continuum, you should find some useful ammo here. 

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: MINT (JPN), Aily, IWANT Music, Raul Figueroa, deep house, deep tech, minimal