2021 Mar 16     
2 Bit Thugs

Young US producer Miles Ellis makes his Sense Traxx debut

Sense Traxx bring us a three-track EP from US producer Miles Ellis. The EP marks his first outing for Simon Shaw's house and techno label, but is apparently only the first of several releases he's recently signed to them.

We kick off with All Alone, a delay-heavy deep houser that sets the stall for the rest of the EP. A punchy kickdrum and sparse bass pattern take care of the low end, with the direction of the track left to the use of hats, vocals stabs and delay soaked chords, as for the most part, Ellis sits on his groove once the track is in full swing, only briefly breaking rank to flirt with his delayed chords for the duration of a short breakdown.

The title track is next, and somewhat caught me by surprise. The BPM is up at 130 for a start, which along with the producer’s sound choices, make it more reminiscent of a footwork-style workout. An offbeat high-end synth is employed to drive this one, and with noticeably more breakdowns, it’s not only the tempo which distinguishes Bedroom Producer from its counterparts.

Understand This is the one to see things out, and it’s back to a house groove for what's arguably the EP's strongest track. It’s a similar story to the opener, with low-end duties left to another crunchy kick over scant bass. There’s more going in the rest of the track this time, though: claps join the snares while constant chords and more frequent vocals are infused to create what I guess could pass as the hook. 

This EP should go down well with fans of the new wave of house coming out of London from the likes of Rich NxT and East End Dubs. Ellis may hail from Arizona, but like his UK contemporaries he draws heavily on early 90s sounds for inspiration, and while all three of these productions sound very fresh, you can still hear the raw sound of those formative years throughout.

Words: Iain Taylor

Release date: 12 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Miles Ellis, Sense Traxx, house