2018 Nov 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Young Mexican producer Mike Rosales makes his Different Attitudes debut with a fine two-tracker

Young Mexican house producer Mike Rosales comes to Different Attitudes for the first time here, serving up a two-track EP that'll delight the vocal lovers.

Spread Love itself is a garage-y deep house cut with rolling drums, dreamy pads and, at first, a scat-ish male vocal that's been put through the FX mangle, and that alternates with disco stabs and a "my baby!" snip. As the track progresses a third (female) "you really turn me on" vocal comes into play, alongside some delicate piano work, while in the midsection breakdown where the track drops down to just a pad and a cymbal there's a fourth vocal – a spoken male one this time. The second track, Hot And Sweet, is a tiny bit pacier than the A and rocks slightly tuffer drums, but still keeps things nice n' smooth, with more sweet fem vox and some lovely lingering piano chords.

Both tracks are plenty playable; together, they add up to a must-check EP for fans of US garage and the more soulful side of deep house.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now


Review Score: 8




Tags: Mike Rosales, Different Attitudes, house, garage, US garage, Mexico