2018 Sep 21     
2 Bit Thugs

Now here's an EP that's guaranteed to work its way into the collective subconsciousness

A fine debut from Mike Mac and Andrea Harkin on Purple Tea Records which wins on many levels - the track's a good 'un and the sample used is one I’ve never heard before, which is rare in house music!

The Original Mix begins with a simple percussive intro that's joined by a pounding kick, female “yeahs", sci-fi samples whizzing around the soundscape and a simple but effective bassline. Then there's the main sample, which is about the amount of cocaine usage in the rest rooms at the famed Studio 54. First they use just a snippet of it - in a mini-break with a one-note string line in the background - then later on they use the whole thing. 

The obligatory remix comes from label boss Justin Blanc, who adds a level of funkiness that's missing in the first mix, cutting up the sample and adding other vocal snips and risers, which give the track more oomph and make it a really floor-friendly tune. The production here is fatter and just sounds fuller, so both mixes are winners for me.

It's rare to find such an unheard (by me anyway) and fitting sample that's so relevant to today's dance scene, and both mixes stand up on their own merits, so this release should definitely go the distance.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 21 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Mike Mac, Andrea Harkin, Justin Blanc, Purple Tea Records, house