2017 Jul 18     
2 Bit Thugs

Germany's Mathias Kaden takes care of remix business

Vinyl-only DJ Mihalis Safras makes his debut on Hot Creations with a release that's crammed with dancefloor destroyers. True to Hot Creations form it comes in a great sleeve, too! But when it comes down to it, it's all about the music and here you get three hard-hitting, bass-heavy nuggets and a remix of One Stop To Babel by Mathias Kaden.

The title track is up first, a quirky, funky little groover with odd vocal samples, crisp swung percussion, elevating sound FX and definite old school leanings. That's deftly followed by One Stop To Babel, which has another funky bassline underpinning a cornucopia of mesmerising synths, vocal chants and claps. Next up is Mathias Kaden's Paradiso Remix of One Stop... which is made up of mostly bass and percussion that is filtered and phased and sounds awesome through a loud soundsystem. There are also some messed-up ethereal vocals in play, and this mix is definitely my favourite track of the EP. Finally you have Sagit, which keeps up the good times with a throbbing bass synth, peculiar vocals and long snare rolls that add tension to this loco musical soirée.

To sum up, what you have here is a release that looks and sounds like the terrier's testicles and which delivers the musical goods by the bucketload. I know that all of the tracks will devastate many a dancefloor worldwide for months to come and for that reason I'm giving it the holy grail of scores...

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 21 July



Review Score: 10




Tags: Mihalis Safras, Hot Creations, Mathias Kaden, tech-house, tech house