2018 Jul 29     
2 Bit Thugs

The London techno duo come to Skream's label

As the label's name suggests, there's generally something "not quite right" about the tracks that Skream's Of Unsound Mind release. Bizarrely, that's what makes it such a good label in the first place!

This latest EP contains four off-the-wall tracks from London duo Melody's Enemy, and the title track is a case in point. It's a slow, grinding technoid beast which starts with a muted kick and synth bassline, then introduces the full kick and a bucketload of eerie sounds as it meanders through your psyche with vocal snippets and a pumping backbeat made up of what sound like horror soundtrack samples. There's a freaked-out panned breakdown and off it trundles. Next up is Greed, which is also "not quite right" with a hypnotic backbeat, pounding drums and another breakdown that messes with your head in the best of possible ways.

Then you have Evasion, which starts with a relentless kick and adds more rhythmic elements until you get the addition of a hoover sound, sci-fi FX and a soulful vocal that really lifts the track. As it moves forward the sci-fi sounds take centre-stage until the arrival of an arpeggio synth riff which again adds extra lift. Finally there's Feeling, which starts with a galloping drum beat and adds many random sounds and a male spoken verse of what sounds like poetry. Once again it's randomness personified, but still manages to sound great.  

This EP is a mixture of solid techno backbeats with lots of aural chicanery thrown in, and as crazy as it sounds it works a treat. My favourite is Sleep Is The Enemy itself, but all four tracks are very good.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 27 July



Review Score: 8




Tags: Melody's Enemy, Of Unsound Mind, Skream, techno