2016 Apr 24     
2 Bit Thugs

There's only the one mix, but sometimes one is all you need

One thing that's always impressed me about trance labels is the way they have no qualms about releasing a single with only one mix included, which to me shows courage and conviction in the product that they are releasing. This track is a perfect example: the artist is one I don't recognise, and there aren't a bundle of remixes by big names to back up the original. It really is a case of what you see - and more importantly, what you hear - is what you get.

The track itself is a hard-edged affair with an acidic bassline intro, and acidic sounds throughout. It's not all about the acid, though: there's also a whopping great synth melody as the main hook, with string and vocal pads and a massive breakdown which builds in layers of euphoria which really make you want to lose it on the dancefloor.

It has a feel of completeness about it which doesn't require an army of remixers to be brought in to pad it out in case it doesn't cover all bases. The label clearly have the aforementioned conviction in the track, to not need to appeal to a wider audience. Maybe this is why trance has never died out as a genre? I wish the same could be said of some other dance music fads that are already dying a death even as I write this!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 25 April


Review Score: 8




Tags: trance, Discover White Label, Recoverworld, Mayer & Obi