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Maya Jane Coles announces album #2

'Take Flight' is out on I/AM/ME on 25 August

2017 Jul 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Wendy Rae Fowler, Rachel Butt and Chelou provide vocal assistance

The second full-length studio album from Maya Jane Coles, Take Flight, will be out on her own I/AM/ME imprint (via Skint/BMG) on 25 August.

Described as "her most substantial body of work to date", the 24-track long player is the follow-up to 2013's Comfort, and features guest vocals from acoustic singer-songwriter Chelou, Wendy Rae Fowler from experimental rock duo We Fell To Earth, and Rachel Butt of indie-folk twosome GAPS. The album includes tracks from the recent Won't Let You Down EP, and will be trailed by another EP, Weak/Werk, which we're told to expect "imminently".

Although Take Flight is her second official studio album, it should perhaps be pointed out that she also released an eponymous album under her bass/dubstep alias Nocturnal Sunshine in 2015 (also on I/AM/ME), while an album-length digital bundle was released by 1trax in 2010, made up of tracks from her two previous EPs for the label. Just in case anyone's confused!

The album will come in double CD, triple vinyl or digital download formats, with signed limited edition Deluxe versions also available via her online store. The full tracklist is as follows:

1. Weak
2. Bo & Wing
3. Old Jam
4. Take Flight
5. Darkside feat Chelou
6. Lucky Charm
7. Blackout
8. Unholy
9. A Chemical Affair feat Wendy Rae Fowler
10. Misty Morning feat Wendy Rae Fowler
11. Keep Me Warm feat GAPS
12. Let You Go
13. Won’t Let You Down
14. On My Way
15. Go On And Make It Through
16. Cherry Bomb
17. Chasing Sunshine
18. Golden Days
19. Werk
20. Passing Me By
21. Trails
22. Stay
23. Pulse
24. Starlight

To pre-order a deluxe version of Take Flight from Ms Coles' artist store, click here





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