2021 Feb 26     
2 Bit Thugs

Vienna's Max Kernmayer serves up a three-tracker full of dancefloor gold

Well, the label's called Techords, and Max Kernmayer's Soundcloud describes him as a producer of "pumpin' tech-house and techno", so I guess this must be a tech-house record then. I'd have said more deep house than tech-house, personally, but then I've only been doing this since 1994 so what do I know? 

Suffice to say the worst excesses of the tech-house deluge – extended Pavlovian snare rolls, over-used rap vox and the like – are notable here only by their absence. Instead, we're treated to three tuff, chunky, near-instrumental grooves that should work wherever quality house music is played, regardless of what sub-genre is or isn't mentioned on the flyer!

Jackin' Isn't Optional itself opens proceedings, a smooth-rollin' lil' shuffler with cut-up female vocal snips and a nice chunky bassline. Jack Mate is the most overtly stripped n' strutty of the three, but also sports some killer garage-y (organ?) chords, while Jack Sparrow nudges a little closer towards more obviously 'tech-house' territory with its intricate, twitchy percussion. And it's all good stuff, so checking this one for yourself is highly recommended. 

Don't believe a word of the title, though: Max Kernmayer is NOT the boss of you! So whatever the man tells you, jackin' is entirely optional… it's just that when you hear these tunes, you'll want to do it anyway.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 19 February (Beatport) / 5 March (general release)



Review Score: 8




Tags: Max Kernmayer, Techords, deep house, tech house, tech-house