2015 Dec 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Coming on Kerri Chandler's MadTech Records, Chapman's debut shows off his remarkable versatility as a producer

With a string of well-received releases under his belt for respected labels like Lower East, Lost and MadTech Records, as well as his own Resonance Records, the time has come for rising London producer Max Chapman to deliver his debut album, for which he's chosen the aforesaid MadTech as its home. And 'deliver' Mr Chapman certainly does!

Opening with the beats-and-vox skit that is Intro, the album then moves through a wide array of styles. There's chuggy, druggy Berlin-style house (Move Your Body), there's Detroit-inspired techno (Catch Me If You Can), there's dark-as-you-like bass house (I'm Going Deeper), there are moody, prog-leaning grooves (Resistance, Pyramids), there's zoned-out, abstract post-dubstep darkness (Halloween) and more. It all flows together remarkably well though, it has to be said!

"I wanted to make a proper album, not just a collection of club tracks," is one of the most tired clich├ęs in dance music - right up there with "I want to take the crowd on a journey". But in Catch Me If You Can, a proper album is exactly what Chapman has made. This is a truly outstanding debut, and one you'd be well advised to check immediately.


Review Score: 9