2018 Dec 29     
2 Bit Thugs

Austrian producer Matthix steps up to the plate with two originals, while Rudy S & Kdrian take care of remix duties

Austrian 26-year-old Matthias Simonlehner, better known as Matthix, has previously featured on labels such as Extrawelt, Karotte and Deep Tech. Here, he demonstrates just why his skills are in increasing demand with a fine three-tracker for leading Belgian minimal imprint UF Recordings.

Don't let that description put you off if you're not usually a great lover of minimal grooves, though, as both Hell Yeah and the accompanying NY Sound come from that end of the minimal spectrum that crosses over with deep house, meaning this should have broad appeal. It's actually the latter that opens proceedings, topping twitchy percussion and a super-simple bassline (all par for the minimal course) with dreamy pads and spoken male vocals, making for a cut that owes more to, say, Ron Trent or Chez Damier than it does to the likes of Hawtin.

NY Sound is a bit of a killer cut, truth be told, but the deep and dubby title track doesn't let itself get overshadowed, taking us into the furthest reaches of inner space and bringing some almost junglist-style bass pressure while it's about it. Wrapping up the EP, Rudy S & Kdrian bring us their remix of Hell Yeah, which strips out some of the atmospherics and tuffens up the beats, making this the pass that'll most likely find favour with more techno-oriented jocks.

Very classy stuff all round, what else is there to say? More, please!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Matthix, Matthias Simonlehner, UF Recordings, Rudy S & Kdrian, minimal, deep house, deep techno