2016 Dec 04     
2 Bit Thugs

The French producer serves up three tracks that will please the prog-trance faithful

French producers Matt Fax has been putting out some real gems on Colorize for a while now. This three-track EP is no exception, with his trademark progressive sound just getting better and better with each release.

The first track, Swench, starts with a kickdrum-led intro, quickly builds with a lead line then brings in an acidic bassline and the minimal vocals. It's laidback yet driving at the same time. After the breakdown, a swirling topline kicks in and the track really starts to fly. It has a real danceability to it, as does the second track, Last Touch, which is more laidback at the start but slowly develops with kicks and a driving, morphing lead line that takes you on a journey through the first section, with organ-like synths and a breakdown that's sure to get those hands in the air. The track's latter section is lead by the breakdown riff, and again doesn't fail to satisfy.

Finally you have Halv which is a lot deeper, with subliminal synths and a complicated percussion pattern which leads to a solid main synth riff that sets the pace for the introduction of a string line and swirling sounds that really soar on high. The track is darker, yet has a polished finesse to it that's very musical and individual-sounding.

I can’t pick a favourite here, but I can tell you that if you want to hear something that falls into the progressive trance genre but sounds different than the rest, this is an excellent place to look.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 25 November (Beatport) / 9 December (general release)



Review Score: 8




Tags: Matt Fax, Colorize, progressive trance