2019 Apr 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Mat Playford looks to the heavens for inspiration, Detroit veterans Octave One take care of remix duties

Named after a mysterious celestial object that was discovered by the Kepler telescope in 2015, this EP certainly has spaced-out qualities, in the best possible way.

There are two mixes. The Original starts with a flurry of synthesizer-generated cacophony, which is joined by drums and then a bassline as the synth plays sweetly in the background. Then the main riff kicks in, which is tough-edged and old school-sounding, contrasting dramatically with the other synths which are all sweetness and light. The Octave One Remix starts with the bassline and kick and adds the rave-y riff, though here it's been put through some kind of effect which takes off some of the attack and makes it more friendly-sounding, if you know what I mean! The other synth riff has been arpeggiated and sounds nice and musical, so there is still the juxtaposition of sounds going on, but the two sounds seem more at ease with each other in this mix. It's also considerably longer, at over seven minutes while the original is under five.

The original would be my pick here, as the old school rave-style riff has a little more bite in its original format, but both are well worth a listen.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 April


Review Score: 8




Tags: Mat Playford, Octave One, Awesome Soundwave, techno