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Massive Attack release new music... as an iPhone app

Fantom features four new tracks from the Bristol crew

2016 Jan 25     
2 Bit Thugs

Users can interact with the app in various ways to modulate the sounds being played

Bristolian legends Massive Attack have released four brand-new tracks - but you'll need an iPhone 5s or above to hear them, because for now they're only available as an iPhone app.

The four tracks in question are Dead Editors, Ritual Spirit, Voodoo In My Blood and Take It There, and they come as part of an iOS app called Fantom. You'll need an iPhone 5s or above running iOS 8.3 or better to install it, though the good news is the app's free. Oh, and it's been co-designed by band member Robert Del Naja, AKA 3D.

Once it's installed, you can pick a track and then interact with it in various ways. Playback will be affected by what time of day it is, moving your phone around appears to be apply some kind of low-pass filter, while if you've got an Apple Watch the music will also adjust its tempo to be in sync with your pulse. The app also includes the ability to create your own videos for the tracks, applying a set of filters to the picture so that everything looks a bit like the Mezzanine cover while the app simultaneously records any modulations you apply to the music as outlined above.

We spent an afternoon messing around with Fantom and, while it would be hard to describe any of the results we achieved with it as 'artistic', we're sure others could do better. Regardless, in an era of identikit production-line chart pop and sample pack house-by-numbers, it's good to see this most pioneering of UK bands continuing to innovate creatively.





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