2019 Apr 08     
2 Bit Thugs

Rising star Martin Badder and remixer Mark Jenkyns add up to a killer package

After recently turning in a wonderful label debut in the form of Don’t You Leave Me, Martin Badder returns to Armada Subjekt to build on the momentum with a fine disco homage that also features mixes by Mark Jenkyns.

First up is the Extended mix, which opens with orchestral string stabs over a one-note string line, with a muted kick and female vocal stabs saying “I go”, while in the background a funky guitar lick is added. An equally funky bassline then appears over the full kick and the track develops into a full-on disco-houser, with more of the vocal playing and the bassline sounding loud and proud.

Next comes the Mark Jenkyns Extended Mix, which starts with a tuned kickdrum, the one-note string line and the bassline, then builds in a more deconstructed way, with the same elements used but given more of the cut 'n' paste treatment, lending the track a raw, underground funk appeal which works very nicely. Self-explanatory Instrumental and Radio versions plus a Radio Edit of the Jenkyns mix complete the package.

The real battle for me is picking a favourite mix as both extended mixes sound superb in a cut-up, disco throwback kinda way. The Mark Jenkyns version has a killer kickdrum so I’ll probably play that one, but it's a closely fought battle.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Martin Badder, Armada Subjekt, Mark Jenkyns, house, disco-house