2017 Jun 29     
2 Bit Thugs

This combo have many years of production experience behind them - and it shows

Two tracks that first saw the light of day on Manuel Le Saux’s artist album Destiny get their full length release on the same digital package.

First up is 22 Days Later, which starts with a tuned kick and builds through layers of percussion and the addition of various sounds and swirls until the main riff slams in. And what a fine riff it is, laden with emotion and warmth, with the sound getting ever bigger until the main breakdown, which has choral pads, stereo panned echo delays and all the warmth of a high tropical sun. It then kicks back in with charm and elegance, making this a real pleasure to listen to.

Team Deathmatch is a quirkier track. The intro gives you hints of what's to come, with swirling synth sounds that, once it gets moving, become part of the backing for another killer riff that just yells 'euphoria' at you - in the nicest possible way! The track opens up in the breakdown, creating an old school hands-in-the-air moment that lasts until the driving backbeat thumps back in and the dancing recommences. It's punchy and driving without becoming crass and uncontrolled, and really adds weight to the track.

These two tracks are a pair of trance masterclasses in how to move an audience without resorting to overused distorted acidic sounds, or going ridiculously hard for the sake of it. They are both blissed-out, highly euphoric and extremely summery, and I love them both.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 July


Review Score: 9




Tags: Manuel Le Saux, Astuni, Discover Records, trance