2019 Jan 18     
2 Bit Thugs

MANT's first release of 2019 bodes well for the future, says Danny Slad

London duo MANT start the new year in style with an EP that features two heady house and techno cuts, and it's a bold statement of intent from the pair as to their future sound.

First is the title track, which starts with a percussive loop with muted male vocals and bleeps, then develops via the addition of a one-note string line, a rich pad, an ethereal female vocal and a chunky bassline. The track is very futuristic, with sci-fi overtones, and also very individual-sounding, with two female vocal lines repeating themselves and the track just looping over and over.

Next up is Bonbon, which begins with a large tribal kick and adds hissing sounds, a bassline and hi-hats. Then the minimal vocal arrives, which is one word repeated over and over with an added single-word chant every now and then. There are laser-like sounds that add to its minimalistic approach, and the track is a fine slice of techno which, when added to the first track, completes a great release that should win fans from the DJ fraternity and punters alike.

My favourite is Bonbon, as it's more driving in its approach and sounds different from a lot of the tracks around at present, but I'm sure both will fly.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 18 January



Review Score: 8




Tags: MANT, Sola Music, tech-house, tech house