2016 Sep 20     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Sante Sansone and Ferdinand Dreyssig

Off the back of the success of his critically acclaimed Year Of The Ape album earlier this year, M.in is back with an EP made up of three tracks featuring the vocals of Bruno Gentile, plus remixes of two of the tracks, and all five are pretty special.

First up is the Original Mix of Rotate itself, a choppy house track with swung percussion, a distorted bottom end and lyrics with sexual connotations. Then you have Something, a tech-house track with a short spoken intro that builds with layers of percussion and vocal samples into a real groover with a recognisable vocal sample as one of the main hooks and a distinctly old-school house riff as another. The final original cut, Prophecy, is a deep tech-house workout sporting muted and flanged vocals, handclaps and that old-school analogue feel, with a quirky funky bassline and a one-note string line to hold the tension.

Then you have the first remix which is of Rotate by Italian producer Sante Sansone, who adds crowd noises, lengthy filtered snare rolls and snippets of the vocal, and then last but not least is a rework of Prophecy by Ferdinand Dreyssig who turns it into a minimalist techno stomper.

There are a lot of things going for this package and M.in’s love for analogue instrumentation is one of them, with 303’s and 909’s used to good effect. A favourite is really hard to pick as they are all so eminently playable and sound great at high volume!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now


Review Score: 9




Tags: M.in, tech house, tech-house, My Favourite Freaks, Sante Sansone, Ferdinand Dreyssig