2019 Jun 21     
2 Bit Thugs

The Italian duo serve up four originals, Davina Moss takes care of remix duties

Italian duo M.F.S Observatory return to their own Observatory Music label with four fresh new tracks, plus a remix from Davina Moss. The London-based pair have been turning out great tech tunes for a while now, and this new EP is no different.

First up is the title track Bailando, which starts with a swung drum pattern, then adds a mammoth kick and a groovin' bassline before building with claps to a mini-breakdown, where the repeated vocal sample is added, along with an acid line and other vocal loops that give it great presence and danceability. That's followed by Bass One Bass, another percussive builder with a tough, chunky bassline that's one of the main hooks for the track, which also features an organ riff, French-language vocal samples a-plenty and a shrill phone ringing every now and again.

Da Art comes next, with choppy percussion and a recognisable vocal sample about teenage drug dealers making a shit-ton of cash. There are loads of other random samples and it passes the ‘sounds great at full volume’ test, so it should really move a crowd. Next is Don’t Know, the deepest of the four tracks, with a sampled hip-hop vocal line – repeated over and over but constantly changing in volume, which is a great effect – and various synth lines and bleeps. Finally you get the Davina Moss remix of Bailando, which is a proper rumpshaker with congas, frenetic loops, plenty of vocal samples and a nice little acid riff which lifts it nicely.

All told, this is a very danceable tech-house EP with, in effect, five tracks to choose from. You could easily play all five of them – the quality is there – but the Davina Moss remix of Bailando is my favourite. 

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 21 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: M.F.S Observatory, Davina Moss, Observatory Music, tech house, tech-house