2018 Aug 12     
2 Bit Thugs

LA-based producer Lubelski serves up a four-tracker for local label Desert Hearts

Lubelski returns to the Desert Hearts label with his latest EP, which contains four solid tracks, any one of which could easily merit a single release.

First up is the title track, which begins with a percussive loop and claps, to which are added a bassline and a moaned female "acid" vocal. The drumming becomes more intricate, an acid line is added, a male vocal starts chanting "I want acid", and then things get a bit crazy, with loads of spacey FX added to the vocal, deconstructing it to just a pleasing noise which fits the track perfectly. The second track, Just Can’t Stop, is faster and again builds from a percussive loop, via odd sounds and a funky bassline, into a real chugger with a chopped-up vocal line and a groovin’ backbeat.

Then we have The Counting Game, with a female voice counting to four as an intro. Then a grunting acid line comes in, while loads of echo and reverb are put onto the vocal to make it sound good and messed-up. As the track develops, a simple synth riff is added and there's a breakdown. Finally you have Don’t Play Around With My Love, which features a simple male vocal saying the title, big wobbly synths and a one-note string line in places, which is also added to with a fast, acidic top line.

This is a bold EP that features four strong tracks, with I Want Acid itself and Don't Play Around my favourites. If you're into techy, acidic business, it's highly recommended.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 August



Review Score: 8




Tags: Lubelski, Desert Hearts, tech house, tech-house, acid house