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"Crazy About Your Love/Burning Up"

Label: Four Thirty Two

2019 May 24     
2 Bit Thugs

A 90s vocal gets another run-out, Seb Zito and K'Alexi Shelby remix

Richy Ahmed and Jansons return to the Four Thirty Two label under their LoveHrtz moniker, with a vinyl/digital release featuring two original tracks plus remixes from Chicago house don K’Alexi Shelby and rising star Seb Zito.

First on the turntable is Crazy About Your Love, which features a vocal sample from a track that came out in the 90s. The original was a vocal/piano affair: quite fittingly this follows the same format, but sounds nothing like the original and is very tasty as well! It starts with a deep bassline and drums and builds until the introduction of a piano loop which is a call to the dancefloor if ever I heard one. Then the vocal sample is thrown in and you have house heaven. Next comes Burning Up, which has a bass loop, a 4/4 driving drum pattern and bell clangs. Then in come a great sax line and the vocal sample, which flits in and out throughout the track and sounds really nice. 

Remix-wise Seb Zito does two of Crazy About Your Love and both are pretty good. The first has looped vocals, tizzy percussion, a grungy organ-type sound and some acid for good measure. The second one is quite dubby with a hammering kickdrum, twisted old school synths and lo-fi drum machine percussion, which always works for me. Then in comes the vocal hook, sounding well tasty! The other remix is K’Alexi Shelby’s discotastic version of Burning Up, which uses a Fender Rhodes-style piano riff as the main hook and adds Latin percussion, classy Philly disco strings fills, the sax and the vocal, to devastating effect.

This is a cracking release – and all of the tracks are contenders, which is a rarity these days, so I'm not picking a favourite!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 24 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: LoveHrtz, Four Thirty Two, Richy Ahmed, Jansons, house, Seb Zito, K'Alexi Shelby