2018 Jan 28     
2 Bit Thugs

It's only the third release from his fledgling In Tune label

After an sensational 2017, Lex Luca continues to build momentum in 2018 with the third release on his own In Tune label.

The first track on this AA-side is Lexicon, which starts off sounding slightly tribal, with a chunky percussion loop. But then things come properly into focus with the addition of the playful, funky bassline and cut-up disco vocals, which steer it into party tune territory. There are rave whistles, funky guitar licks and a soaring falsetto vocal pad that makes a pretty good euphoric hook for this good-time anthem in the making.

The second track, Yeah Yeah, starts with a choppy percussion loop, a booming kick and snappy hi-hats, then introduces a solid bassline and chants of “yeah”. It's a no-nonsense dancefloor destroyer, with a repeated organ stab and various vocal chops taking you to a giant build-up with a long snare roll and a drop that throws you straight into the party madness. There's a repeat of this build-and-drop later on, making this one of the tastiest party tunes I’ve heard so far in 2018.

These two tracks were made with one thing in mind: to make people dance, smile and forget their woes for a brief time, which they surely will. As for favourites, you've got no chance - both are thrilling floor-movers that just beg to be played out.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 26 January



Review Score: 9




Tags: Lex Luca, In Tune, House