2017 Oct 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Samosa Records co-owner Les Inferno proves that Italians still do it better

So laidback is this modern disco EP from Italy's Les Inferno that it might take a listen or two to sneak up on you. But when it does... DAMN is it good! Les is, we're told, a bit of a 'name' in Italian crate-digging circles, and Everything I Do is only the second release on Samosa Records, the label he co-owns with fellow disco devotee De Gama.

There are two tracks, in two rubs a-piece, and the title cut's up first. It's a lazy, bordering on slo-mo affair, opening with warm, resonant kicks, a throbbing disco bassline, strings buried deep in the mix and a strange noise that I think is either some kind of ethnic flute-y type thing or perhaps a cuckoo call, though it actually sounds disconcertingly like Orville The Duck saying "love me"! As the track progresses, the strings gradually come to the fore, followed by the sampled first-gen disco vox that give the track its name. There's a hint of acid squech in the midsection, too, but that's essentially it - these are laidback vibes made for poolside lounging or for late/early floors, and the track positively oozes sophistication. An accompanying 3.5-minute edit simply labelled 'Breakdown' focuses, as you might have guessed, on the drum break.

As excellent as Everything I Do is, though, What Do You Think on the flip is even better! We're still in pretty laidback territory here but it's a wee bit pacier than the title track and comes to the point a bit quicker - that point being filtered strings, brass flourishes and, most importantly, a distinctive, almost yacht rock-ish male vocal (mostly "what do you think about love?" on a loop, with a couple of other lines scattered about for good measure), while some plangent guitar towards the end serves to enhance the west coast-ish feel. There's an accompanying Dub if you'd sooner avoid the vocal, but I genuinely don't understand why anyone ever would.

This is sheer class: it's got 'Horse Meat Disco anthem' written all over it and it's quite frankly the best thing I've heard in ages. Go seek.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 15 October


Review Score: 10




Tags: Les Inferno, Samosa Records, disco