2019 May 18     
2 Bit Thugs

For their first release on Yousef's label, the duo serve up two tracks that showcase their tougher side

Leftwing : Kody had a great 2018, finishing the year as one of Beatport’s Top 20 best-selling artists, and 2019 is looking even brighter for the duo. This EP being a case in point, as it's their first release on Yousef’s acclaimed Circus Recordings and a fine one at that!

Firstly you get Shadow Hills, which has a swung percussive intro that builds in complexity and has a techno edge to it. Then in come deep blaring horns and an arpeggiated riff, which take you to a breakdown with panpipes playing a sweet tune while all the time the background is building in intensity, which will take the roof off a room with the right crowd. There are muted male vocal samples and some computer bleeps, too, but it's that pounding rhythm and the panpipe breakdowns (there are a few) that are the big hooks here. 

Then you have the title track Chaos Theory, which starts with an interesting rhythm on the kickdrum and closed hi-hats that again builds in complexity while they add an ominous, bombastic synth riff. The latter killer hook gives gives the track an old school feel as the drums sound all tribal in the background and the sound leads the aural charge on your senses. At high volume this track sounds epic, and I suspect it'lll be giving many a soundsystem a good pummelling over the summer months!

I don’t have a favourite as both are larger than life and this release is a work of dark beauty. It's nice to hear Leftwing : Kody's more techno-leaning side and it's one that will no doubt win them even bigger hordes of fans.

Words: Danny Slade

Releasse date: 17 May




Review Score: 8




Tags: Leftwing : Kody, Yousef, Circus Recordings, tech-house, tech house