2016 Sep 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Can he deliver a follow-up to match Freak Like Me? Yes he can...

A little bit late on this one, but a promise is a promise...

Middlesbrough producer Lee Walker has been a name on the undergound house scene for several years now, with releases on (or remixes for) the likes of Endemic Digital, Savoir Faire Musique, Mile End and Unrivaled Music. But his recent smash DJ Deeon/Katy B collab Freak Like Me has introduced him to a whole new, much larger audience, begging the question: can his follow-up match up? The answer is an emphatic yes, which to those of us who've been following his career for a while is no surprise at all!

There are two tracks to choose from here. Locked In itself opens with simple boom-tish beats, then adds nagging top-end synth notes, an understated but distinctly speed garage-ish bassline and a looping, male "now get locked in" spoken vocal. Some tasty synth squelch in the mid-section aside, that's pretty much it - one for the 'simple but effective' pile then, because it's simultaneously accessible enough for the mass market, and subtle enough for more discerning househeads. Flip it over, and Mooblerhythm is arguably even better: though the basic MO is very similar, here the bassline is brought further to the fore, while the looping "You know you gotta move to the rhythm/You know you gotta move to the rhythm inside" vocal has a pleasingly old school feel.

With Lee's rubs of Oscar G's Rain having also earned him his Nervous Records debut this week, it seems the wider world is waking up to the lad's talents. And about time too!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: Out now




Review Score: 9




Tags: Lee Walker, Defected, house