2017 Aug 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The EP features three original tracks plus a Jey Kurmis remix

Lee Pearce unleashes a tech-house stormer on his own FXtion label which comes shaken, not stirred with three cocktail-themed tracks and a Jey Kurmis remix of the title track.

First out of the shaker is the original mix of Iced Tea itself, which packs a hefty punch with a swung drum pattern, female vocal samples, synth bleeps and a funky bassline that really gets you in the mood to dance. The next serving is Long Island, which delivers equal measures of sub-bass and lush pads, accompanied by ethereal, heavily processed female vocals that give the tune a pleasing demeanour and leave you wanting more. Third on the menu is Martini, which like the cocktail is another strong one with jazzy overtones and a tribal feel with bleeps, intense risers, occasional vocal chants, crisp dry percussion and a solid kick to it. Then for last orders we've got Jey Kurmis’s remix of Iced Tea, a proper groover with deep bass tones, odd percussion loops and quirky vocal samples. Kurmis's rub has a distinctly wonky feel to it, with a spaced-out breakdown which works like a charm.

All in all you have a fine tech-house EP that's sure to make people lose their inhibitions and get up and dance like no one's watching. I particularly like Jey Kermis’s recipe for Iced Tea as it's different from what you are normally served, but very tasty nonetheless.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: Out now



Review Score: 8




Tags: Lee Pearce, FXtion Records, Jey Kurmis, tech house, tech-house