2017 Feb 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Remixes come from Pete Dorling, A Lister and Fancy Inc

It’s not often that you get an EP where all the mixes are great, but with this release I can happily and confidently tell you that all four rock.

The Original Mix starts with a banging kickdrum and echoed female vocals, and is then augmented with a skippy percussion pattern which leads to a different female vocal sample that really lifts the track. There are a number of breakdowns and build-ups, and the production is faultless.

Pete Dorling's remix comes next, which builds from a vocal chant with a funky bassline and male vocals, with snare rolls to add the tension as it flows along nicely. Then there's the A Lister Remix, which starts with a dirty great funky bassline and syncopated percussion and has the vocal chants at a much lower level. There's also a snare-roll-and-organ-stab combo that repeats at intervals as the vocal gets louder and louder in the mix.

Finally, the Fancy Inc Remix has a tribal drum pattern which sounds different from the rest - and it's a good different. There's a male vocal sample saying "the music controls the soul" and organ stabs, and the whole track has a driving feel with more vocal samples that you can’t make out, all backed by a funky bassline.

All four are pretty damn tasty. I find myself being drawn to the A Lister Remix for some reason, but I know that I could drop any one of the four mixex and pretty much guarantee a great reaction.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 20 February


Review Score: 9




Tags: Lee Garrett, Swerve Digital, Pete Dorling, A Lister, Fancy Inc, tech house, tech-house