2018 Jan 31     
2 Bit Thugs

The Liverpudlian producer serves up a four-track EP for the French wax label

Lauren Lo Sung comes correct with this sublime, laidback four-tracker on France’s vinyl-only Rutilance Recordings, which is something rather special.

First up is Worthless itself. The EP's title track starts with a kickdrum and a modulating synth, which are joined by other ethereal sounds and a subtle, funky guitar lick. There's a spoken male vocal sample about feeling worthless, and the overall sound of the track is mellow yet funky. Second up on the A-side is All Fuzzy, which starts with a deep bassline and airy pad sounds, added to by piano stabs, smooth synths and congas. Again, the effect is very soothing and would be perfect for a pool party or afterhours set.

First up on the flipside is Five Tribe, which has a swung percussive intro that's joined by a funky basslone, pads and emerging synths. There's a female vocal with both sung and spoken sections, and again it's all very light and smooth-sounding, albeit with a slightly higher tempo than the first two. Finally we have the Gunnter Remix of Worthless, which starts with a kick and a clap and builds with hi-hats and deep, funky bass. The vocal line is louder in the mix here, while swirling pads add tension.

This is a very accomplished, beautifully produced release with subtlety and panache in abundance. If you like your house music deep and moving, this will find favour for sure - and I suspect the vinyl-only release will sell out in no time, so don't sleep!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 29 January



Review Score: 9




Tags: Lauren Lo Sung, Rutilance Recordings, house, Gunnter