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Label of the month: Get Twisted

It's a London thing

2017 Jun 11     
2 Bit Thugs

Five years deep and with a debut Ibiza jaunt coming up, time to find out more about Tough Love's house label...

Founded five years ago by London duo Tough Love, AKA Alex Prinzivalli & Stefan O’Brien, Get Twisted has - in just five years and 90 releases - carved out a distinctive niche for itself in the wider world of house music.

Much like the label bosses' own output (which naturally features heavily in the label's catalogue), Get Twisted's take on house music is one that draws on multiple influences - by turns bass-y, tech-y and funky - to create a sound aimed fair and square at the dancefloor. And not the kind of dancefloor where techno hipsters in matching black v-neck t-shirts sway moodily, either, but the kind where booties are shaken, shapes are thrown and, yes, even in this day and age hands are often raised into the air.

The label's biggest hit to date has been the label bosses' So Freakin' Tight, a tropical-tinged rework of MK's classic 1995 remix of Jodeci's Freak N' You that reached No 11 on the UK singles chart and at time of writing is nudging towards the 40 million views mark on YouTube. Get Twisted generally tends to focus more on underground/up-and-coming talent than on big names, but the fact that they've nonetheless been able to draw on the services of the likes of Roger Sanchez, DJ Q, Purple Disco Machine and Amine Edge & DANCE both gives the uninitiated an idea of what to expect, and demonstrates that this is a label that's most definitely on the up.

So with GTR100 now within shouting distance and the label hosting their first Ibiza showcase this summer, we wanted to find out more...


When was the label set up, and why?

"Get Twisted Records was originally set up in 2012 as an extension of the Tough Love sound. We wanted to bypass the politics and hurdles that came with releasing our own music on other labels, as well as giving established and upcoming artists the ability and support to release quality new music."

Describe the label's music policy...

"Quality house music is the foundation of Get Twisted Records. The records we look for are preferably built for clubland, but some occasionally have the potential to crossover to a more mainstream world. We love grooves, melodies and vocals."

What have been your personal Get Twisted highlights so far?

"Signing legends such as Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, Matt Jam Lamont and Sandy Rivera. These are guys we grew up listening to and playing their music, so to have them on the label is an honour."

Those names aside, your releases to date have largely come from more up-and-coming producers. Is that a deliberate policy - to champion the underground and new talent?

"Of course! The legends have made their names, and it’s great to have them as a part of the label, but it’s about creating more legends. We started strong, with the likes of Chris Lorenzo, Hannah Wants, Denney, Lee Webster and ourselves, Tough Love, all moving on to have some level of success.


"We know how difficult it can be get your music heard, so the label was started to give ourselves and the artists associated an opportunity to do just that. We truly believe in the records and talent coming through, and want to support these producers from the earliest stage. Talented young acts such as LiTek have done amazingly well over the last couple of years and look to be building really strong careers."

If you had a wishlist of three producers you'd like to entice onto the label, who would they be?

"We treat the label like a small, tight-knit family, so it’s always good to have acts onboard that we get on with - it makes the touring factor so much more fun! We get on great with guys like Jax Jones and CamelPhat, so they would be a welcome addition. And maybe Jonas Blue, again another great fella and an absolute hit machine."

So far you seem to be mainly a singles label - any plans to to start releasing artist albums, and or mix albums/compilations?

"Well, we have actually done a couple of compilations, including the official Sankeys Ibiza Redlight album that became a Top 40 selling album on iTunes. On top of that, we have the long-standing Lets Get Twisted VA series. The latest edition is dropping shortly, so keep an eye out for that one.

"But we tend to focus on singles as it means we can give each record all of our attention and the push it deserves. The business model sadly reflects the current state of the industry, where attention spans are short and people seem to get bored of music very quickly. Everything is so instant: a 10-track album is old news within the space of two weeks."


There's a Get Twisted showcase taking place at Eden later this month… tell us about that, and how you came to get involved with the Taste The Punch crew?

"Taking Get Twisted to Ibiza has always been in the pipeline. There were previous offers on the table that didn’t quite feel right, but with the regeneration of San Antonio and the refurbishment of Eden this year it felt like a great fit. Taste The Punch reached out to us and we were really happy with their proposition. Things moved pretty quickly and the agreed line-up - Tough Love, George Kwali, LiTek and Blaise - is spot on. We’re sure it’s going to be a really great party and who knows, maybe next year you’ll find Get Twisted doing a full season!"

Finally, what else have you got going on that iDJ readers need to know about?

"There's lots of new music coming over the next few months... we’ve got new releases from LiTek, rrotik, MDE, GAWP, Curtis Gabriel, Cameo and of course Tough Love. And keep an eye out for the Get Twisted showcases - they keep getting bigger and better!"

Words: Russell Deeks

Taste The Punch presents… A Get Twisted Showcase is at Eden, Ibiza on Friday 23 June. Get tickets here

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