2020 May 13     
2 Bit Thugs

Newcomer Kylin Tyce serves up a treat for those in search of some old school garage flava

Classic UK garage is the clear inspiration behind this four-tracker from Kylin Tyce, a relative newcomer who works (or at least used to) behind the counter in Soho's Phonica Records.

Do Your Thing itself comes from the very sultriest end of the 2-step spectrum, which is to say it's dripping in soul and sports some gorgeously warm, subtly warping keys redolent of first-wave deep Jersey garage from the early-mid-90s, married to a seriously phat bottom end. We then move into 4/4 territory for Further South, a skippy, bass-rumblin', sax-sprinkled cut that the likes of Tuff Jam or Grant Nelson could have been proud of back in the day, before the EP's completed by two mixes of Thinkin'. The Original Mix again harks back to UKG's late 90s heyday, but the slightly more out-there remix from Moodswing Records boss Perception, with its drawn-out pads and more militant beats, might be the pick for younger heads reared on "post-dubstep future garage" and other more contemporary additions to garage's ever-evolving lineage.

Not picking a favourite here cos this is EXTREMELY classy stuff all round… more, please!

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 8 May 




Review Score: 9




Tags: Kylin Tyce, Tessellate, Perception, garage, UK garage, UKG, two-step