2017 Oct 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Plymouth-based Kyle Pepper's latest offering is music to Danny Slade's ears...

The Discover group of labels have been purveyors of fine trance for many years now, and to this day they still take risks, releasing tracks such as this that mix old-school big synths with new-school production values.

There's just the one mix of Shift, but it's a very fine one. It starts with a thumping kick and pad and grows with the addition of more percussion, vocal pads and a galloping bassline. Together, these elements provide a great canvas on which to paint in the aural detail, which is created on some analogue behemoth, giving you that rich timbre the digital age so often struggles to achieve. As it reaches the breakdown, the riff changes to a hands-in-the-air moment - as a good trance breakdown should! Then the big sounds return and are backed by a relentless rhythm section and burbling acid licks, adding extra depth to the warm, enveloping synths.

When a release features only one track, that track needs to be something special. This certainly is, with plenty of attack but the ability to make people feel at one with the musical soundscape that's been created. It seems that good trance is here to stay with the likes of Discover leading the charge: they've got a great set of die-hard producers on their books and I for one am backing them all the way!

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 October


Review Score: 8




Tags: Kyle Pepper, Discover Records, trance