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Kuestenklatsch - Hook Up/Bumpin'

Peaktime tech-house from Les Amants

2020 Aug 30     
2 Bit Thugs

Hamburg duo kuestenklatsch do the do for new local label Les Amants

Here we have what is only the fifth release from fledgling Hamburg tech-house label Les Amants. So it's a bit of coup for them that they've managed to sign one of the city's hottest duos.

There are a total of four mixes on the EP, but two are simple Radio Edits of the other two. The A-side, Hook Up, is a tuff, rolling tech-house groove that centres around a lolloping bass riff, rock-solid 4/4s and some spangly keyboard trills, while a female voice – an English female voice, BTW – chatters away on top, with the lyrics essentially a satire of the social media generation – "OMG have you seen the replies to my tweet?", etc. It's plenty playable, but the real reason this is here is Bumpin', a slightly deeper, chuggier affair with a simple, looping "bump to the beat" by way of a vocal, augmented by some occasional "brrrap!"-type male shouts.

Neither cut will do much to pacify the tech-house haters, of course – there's nothing especially ground-breaking or artistically innovative going on here, just two tracks that are built to move bodies on Saturday night dancefloors. But since when was that a problem round these parts?

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 24 August






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