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Kraak & Smaak are talking 'Shiiiit'

Dutch band share new 'The Wire'-sampling B-side

2015 Nov 27     
2 Bit Thugs

'Shiiiit' is on the flip of new single 'My Mind's Made Up', which is out on Jalapeno Records today

The Dutch trio of Oscar De Jong, Mark Kneppers and Wim Plug, better known to the world at large as Kraak & Smaak, have been peddling their funk, soul and disco-fused party wares for well over a decade now. Their latest single My Mind's Made Up, featuring a killer 80s boogie-style vocal from Berenice, is out on Jalapeno today (27 November)… but it's the B-side we'd like to draw your attention to rightnow.

As you'll hear below, Shiiiit is a lot less 'pop' and a lot more 'down and dirty' than the A-side. And anyone who watched The Wire (what do you mean, you've never seen The Wire? What the hell is wrong with you?) should instantly recognise the one-word vocal sample which gives the track its title!

Kraak & Smaak haven't released an album since 2013's Chrome Wave. They've had singles recently on Spinnin', Axtone and their own Boogie Angst, but it's worth noting that all their full-lengths to date have come on Jalapeno. So does this mean a new long-player's on its way? We live in hope…





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