2016 Sep 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Argentina's Kon Up joins forces with the mysterious Krugel

German label Dub.Sphere serve up more of their trademark deep, dubby minimalism here, with five tracks coming courtesy of Argentina's Kon Up (aka Juan Ossana) and 'Krugel', a producer about whom very little seems to be known (or at least, about whom I can find virtually no information anywhere).

That's fine, though, cos the music here's plenty strong enough to do the talking for both of them. The EP opens with Data, easily the EP's smoothest and housiest cut, which opens with simple crisp beats and a lingering synth drone, then brings a stuttering, throbbing bassline to the fore and tops the lots with wordless vocal snips. Valak comes next, a slightly pacier cut with a little more funky-ass swing in the bottom end, swiftly followed by Cardinal itself, which is a more overtly 'minimal' affair with distorted vocal samples, echoing FX and a sparse, dystopian feel generally. The Y Files, with its fractured beats and dark, rumbling bass, leans closest of all the EP's tracks to dancefloor techno, while completing the EP is Second Vision, which sees us back in somewhat housier pastures.

One for 'the heads' rather than mass consumption, maybe, but since when was that a bad thing? A strong EP all round, with Data and Valak the standouts.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 5 Sept



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kon Up, Krugel, Dub.Sphere, dubsphere, deep techno, dub techno, minimal