2019 Jun 06     
2 Bit Thugs

Birmingham's Kiz Pattison drops an original production after turning in a long string of remixes

Following the success of his remix for progressive legend Sandra Collins, Birmingham’s Kiz Pattison has had a busy year, with numerous remixes for labels such as D-formation's Beatfreak Recordings, Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings and Re:Sound.

This, his own production, comes with two remixes and kicks off with the Audioglider Remix, which starts with a soft, rounded kick and a bleep and adds a sparse hi-hat pattern, then builds slowly until the bassline is added, with the track really coming alive after an early breakdown. There's a lot of acid in play, as well as some grandiose synth work and high-pitched, dolphin-esque squeals. It's pretty spectacular and just gets better and better as more sounds are skilfully layered into the mix. Next up is the Nomad In The Dark Remix, which starts with a throbbing pulse and adds ethnic percussion, synth tones and an arpeggio sound that take to you a break where everything sounds joyous, light and airy. It's not as driving as the first mix but the sounds are divine and the production is polished to an aural lustre.

Then finally we come to the Original Mix, which operates at a higher tempo and comes at you square-on with sharp claps and a throbbing synth lead. There's a breakdown which will work great on the dancefloor and, as it moves forward, dark slabs of sound are added that give it an imposing yet uplifting feel. Some acidic burbling can also be heard quietly in the mix before, after a long section at the back end, it seems to finish rather abruptly.

This is indeed an engaging release. For me the remixes work best, as they are more elevating and succinct. They have a lot going on in a fairly short time, so seem action-packed whereas the original is longer and more resolute, which – to be fair – might work better in a long-running DJ mix.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 3 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kiz Pattison, Pangea Recordings, Nomad In The Dark, Audioglider, progressive house