2018 Nov 12     
2 Bit Thugs

The young Botswanan producer makes his Deep Clicks debut

A relative newcomer to the scene, Kiyoshima Edits is a young deep house producer who hails from Botswana. Having previously featured on labels including Afro Rebel, Azucar Entertainment and May Rush Music, here he makes his debut on ever-reliable Spanish imprint Deep Clicks.

Three contrasting tracks make up the EP. Deepmanship itself is up first. As presented here in its Teacher Lee Mix form, this is a midpaced jam built around an ominous bass drone, stuttering chords and simple, lolloping percussion, and as such is probably one for the warm-up. That's followed by Pope Withdraws, in which the producer digs deep into his African heritage for inspiration. The track opens with hypnotic tribal percussion and fluttering winds, then slowly but inexorably builds over the course of its 10:32 duration via the addition of shakers, a nagging synth riff, chiming bell sounds and finally, at the 6:06 mark, a four-to-the-floor kickdrum. And then finally we come to Preacher's Call, a more uptempo deep house cut that makes much use of sci-fi-ish analogue synths.

The latter's the obvious pick for club play but it's Pope Withdraws that's really earned this its place here - you may think you already know what "deep and Afro" sounds like but Pope Withdraws, though it won't be to everyone's taste, really does push house music into new territory altogether.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 9 November



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kiyoshima Edits, Deep Clicks, house, Afro-house