2019 May 12     
2 Bit Thugs

Born out of a fetish party of the same name, Crossbreed will focus on collaborations between established producers

Crossbreed is a new label that's been set up for collaborative projects by respected producers from across the globe and this, the label's very first release, features two tracks from Italy’s DJ Rocca and label owner Kiwi, AKA Alex Warren.

The first track is called Bronze, and starts off with an arpeggiated synth and a kick. The track then builds slowly, with a snare roll ushering in the hi-hat, a clap and other synth-generated sounds which take you to a mini-breakdown. After that it rolls on with the arpeggiated sound as the main hook, until there's another mini-breakdown where a pad sound comes in with a different synth lead line. This is repeated a number of times, and there you have it. 

The second track is called I Got A Toy and starts with an intense sound that almost screams at you – four times. Then it mellows out and is replaced by a bassline and a breakbeat with claps, which are joined by a synth lead and the reappearance of the screams, although these sound less intense with a backing. This track is a lot fuller-sounding overall, with cowbells and little arpeggiated riffs in play. The bassline is funky and punchy, and for me this is the better of the two tracks. 

A label that brings musicians together to record can’t be a bad thing, and will no doubt throw out some interesting collaborations along the way – with this first release being a case in point.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 10 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kiwi, DJ Rocca, Crossbreed, house