2016 Apr 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Messrs Kim and Braun deliver an outstanding sophomore long-player to follow on from where their 2013 debut left off

Having fallen for Ji-Hn Kim and Julian Braun's first album under their Kim Brown moniker, 2013's Somewhere Else It’s Going To Be Good (also on Just Another Beat), I've been extremely excited while waiting for their second. And I must say, I haven’t been disappointed with Wisdom Is A Dancer: it’s a complete album made of beautiful-sounding house music.

There seems to be an overall theme to the production of Wisdom Is A Dancer: that is, let the sounds be sounds, and let the melodies be melodies. Don't overreach, don't open the bag of tricks and wizardry that a modern computer-based studio offers too often. If at all. Just let the music be. It is strong, mature and utterly unique. Nobody does that anymore these days!

From start to finish, for my ears this is a complete album and a brilliant follow-up to a successful debut. I for one feel enriched having Kim Brown’s sound in my life.

Words: Pathaan



Review Score: 9




Tags: Kim Brown, Ji-Hun Kim, Julian Braun, Just Another Beat, house