2018 Mar 17     
2 Bit Thugs

The Croatian brothers provide two originals while Bucher and Deep Active Sound take care of remix duties

ReadyMix Records come up with the deep house goods as ever here, calling once more on the services of brotherly Croatian duo Kiano & Below Bangkok.

The EP's made up of two original tracks plus a remix of each. Expanse itself opens proceedings, a mid-paced groover based around Afro-tinged drums, deep dubwise bass, space-y synths, floaty vocal fragments and some lovely tinkling keys. If that's a little too laidback for you, though, then head for the Bucher Remix, which plumps for much more straight-up 4/4s and a livelier bassline, and hence is probably the choice for dancefloor play outside of the more specialist deep house spots. 

K&BB's other original is Lost Submarine, which again has something of an African influence to the percussion, topping the drums in this case with delicate, shimmering synth squiqggles, snatches of spoken vocal (about a lost submarine, funnily enough!) and all manner of pads n' FX. Completing the EP is the remix from Deep Active Sound, AKA Russian producer Mihail Bessmertny, who brings the vocal to the fore and gets seriously phat n' slinky in the bassline department while retaining the all-enveloping, sub-aquatic feel that so befits the title.

All good, but the original mix of Expanse takes the gold for me, with the remix of Lost Submarine not for behind.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 12 March



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kiano & Below Bangkok, Deep Active Sound, Bucher, ReadyMix Records, deep house