2016 Jun 07     
2 Bit Thugs

Maglev creates an uplifting masterclass of a remix

This is only Progtrack Records' fifth release to date, and is of the sun-kissed progressive trance persuasion.

There are two mixes of Perfect Love to choose from, an Original and a Maglev Remix. The Original starts with euphoria already in play from the get-go, which sets the tone nicely for what is to follow: a blissed- out explosion of sound that will no doubt find favour at many a summer soiree. There are lush pads, tinkling pianos, a powerful synth riff and just a little bit of acid that all meld together with finesse.

The Maglev Remix really ups the ante and takes it on a more driving tip, starting with a funky-assed bassline and simple percussion and building with risers, subtle acidic sounds, ethereal pads and swirling effects to the first breakdown, which is driven by a finger-click and simple piano riff and is quite simply dripping in euphoric and ecstatic bliss. The track then pretty much keeps it coming and builds and builds and the effect is pretty darn impressive!

It's no challenge here to pick out a winner: the Maglev Remix triumphs for its calming yet driving euphoria. But I'd be happy to hear both played in a set together, as although they're variations around a theme the aural soundscapes are different enough to warrant high praise individually, yet work equally as well as a pair.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 2 June


Review Score: 9




Tags: trance, progressive trance, KeyWork, Maglev, Progtrak Records