2019 Jun 01     
2 Bit Thugs

The single trails a new covers-based concept album from Glasgow Underground

Glasgow Underground boss Kevin McKay is set to embark on his next project – an album which will reimagine a selection of classic tracks and bring them up to date for today’s dancefloors without using a single sample. The first single from the album sees him teaming up with David Penn on gospel-house cut, Hallelujah.

The track comes in Original and Extended mixes, and is a cover of a 1977 Randy Crawford song that's been given the feel-good gospel treatment, with a 90s handbag feel but modern production values. The Extended Mix is the one for me, and starts with a swung drum pattern. A bassline then kicks in, followed by the female vocal. The latter is sadly uncredited, but whoever the singer is she has an amazing gospel voice and with the live-sounding production really brings this track to life. There are big piano riffs, Wurlitzer-type organ sounds and choppy guitars in the mix, and I can happily report that I had tingles up and down my spine listening to it. 

With so much deep tech and techno sent to me for review, it's genuinely a pleasure to hear something with a bit more soul to it; this one has soul by the lorry-load and, served to the right crowd, will go off like fireworks on the fourth of July! If the whole album's this good, prepare to be wowed…

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 31 May



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kevin McKay, David Penn, Glasgow Underground, Randy Crawford, house, gospel, soulful house