2019 Jun 15     
2 Bit Thugs

Corral supplies two originals (one in collaboration with Elder Tobes), Sergio Sergi takes care of remix duties

There are two original tracks on this release from rising Spanish star Kevin Corral, while the Remix comes from Sicily's Sergio Sergi, thus giving this EP a real southern European flavour. 

Body Work itself is up first, opening with a shuffling, almost breakbeat drum pattern and then bringing in more percussion to create an interesting swung rhythm. Vocal samples and drum fills are then added before a record backspin ushers in the main body of the track, which is fun, techy and funky, with some mad sound FX and more backspins (but not enough to get boring). The Sergio Sergi Remix has a more straightforward drum pattern, and uses the same vocal samples, military snare rolls and industrial sounds to add tension, which gives it an individual feel. There's also a large breakdown and crescendo which sounds great, and makes it every bit as floor-friendly as the Original. 

The other original track, Raw Power, is produced by Kevin Corral and Elder Tobes and is slightly tougher than Body Work, with a distinctive hi-hat sound and a bit of a tech/hip-house feel, which go together nicely with lots of risers, bleeps and vocal lines thrown in for good measure.

Picking a favourite here is a real battle. In the end Raw Power wins out as I'm a sucker for beeps, well-used risers and hip-house vocals, but I'll be giving all three a spin over the coming months.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 14 June



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kevin Corral, Elder Tobes, Sergio Sergi, Witty Tunes, tech-house, tech house