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Kerri Chandler next up for DJ-Kicks

His 21-track selection is out on 20 October

2017 Sep 13     
2 Bit Thugs

The album will be supported by a 13-date DJ tour of US and Europe

Kerri Chandler has been named as the selector in charge of the next installment in the long-running DJ-Kicks mix album series. It's been a full 22 years since CJ Bolland helmed the first-ever DJ-Kicks release in 1995, which makes it all the more surprising that somehow they've only just got around to Kerri... still, we got there in the end!

His 21-track mix is a wide-ranging affair, starting with some mellow, lounge-y jazz from Leroy Huston, then working its way through soul, boogie, vintage block party hip-hop/electro, disco, deep/soulful house... and more jazz. It's definitely more of a home-listening album than a reflection of many of Kerri's club sets, but it's well worth investigating. 

The full tracklist is as follows:

LeRoy Hutson - Cool Out
New York Streets
Rasa - When Will The Day Come *
The Foreign Exchange - Body
Fantasy Three - It’s Your Rock (Instrumental) *
T La Rock - It’s Yours
André Ceccarelli - Stock No.1 *
Soulful Session - All I Need feat. Tisha Monique (Demo Boogie Version)
Beckie Bell - Music Madness (Extended Charles Maurice Version)
Uptown Funk Empire - You've Got to Have Freedom *
Segway City 2
James Mason - Sweet Power Of Your Embrace *
Segway City 3
Fruit - If You Feel It, Say Yeah
Kerri Chandler - Stop Wasting My Time (DJ-Kicks) *
Sylvia Striplin - You Can't Turn Me Away
Innerzone Orchestra - People Make The World Go Round *
Cymande - Getting It Back *
Kiki Willows - 3 AM
Roy Ayers - Liquid Love *

*Featured on 12-track vinyl version, which also includes Lesette Wilson's Look Into Tomorrow and Ethel Beatty's It's Your Love.

To promote the album, Kerri will be setting out on a DJ tour of the US and Europe in October and November. Catch him at the following:

District8, Dublin (7 Oct)
Phonox, London (8 Oct)
DC10, Ibiza (9 Oct)
R33, Barcelona (11 Oct)
Blitz, Munich (13 Oct)
Brilliant Corners, London (17 Oct)
Claire, Amsterdam (18 Oct)
Rex, Paris (20 Oct)
De Kromhout Hal, Amsterdam (21 Oct)
Halcyon, San Francisco (3 Nov)
Exchange, LA (4 Nov)
Bijou, Boston (10 Nov)
It’ll Do, Dallas (11 Nov)

DJ-Kicks: Kerri Chandler is out on 20 October on DJ-Kicks

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