2018 Sep 09     
2 Bit Thugs

Five mixes that straddle the house/techno divide

It\s not often you hear a set of mixes that are thoroughly different from their peers, so when I pressed 'play' on this gem on DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid label I was very pleasantly surprised - it's one genuinely original-sounding package.

The Original Mix is up first. Here, a shuffling, drum-led intro with spacey vocals and echoed sounds builds into a track that's not only original-sounding but also a dancefloor slayer, with pulsing bass tones, a swung drum pattern and sci-fi sound effects that keep it sounding very fresh. Next comes DJ Pierre’s Dark Matter Remix, another mad one with the words “look, look at me, look at you” repeated over and over and a synthetic, frenetic feel to its groove. Then you have the Rick Trainor Remix, which uses more of the spoken female vocal, and has a galloping synth bassline and one-bar loops to keep it pumping. Beyun’s Vault Mix has a soft kick and builds with echoed claps, vocal samples and pad sounds into a mellower cut than the rest, and finally there's the Feather And Dot Remix, which starts with a mad synth loop, tribal drums and again the word “look” repeated, which changes as the track grows with an electric guitar riff and organic bass sounds while all the time an acidic riff plays in the background.

My favourite is the Original Mix but this whole release is a breath of fresh air - it's different-sounding yet dancefloor-friendly, and all five mixes pack a real punch.

Words: Danny Slade

Release date: 7 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Katie Otro, Afro Acid, house, techno