2019 Sep 10     
2 Bit Thugs

The remixers in question are Art Of Tones, Sworn Virgins, Rahaan and Kapote himself

Toytonics serve up a five-track EP aimed at those who like a little disco flava to their house music, but without descending into cheese.

First up is the Original Mix of Delirio Italiano, which opens with a suitably sleazy funk b-line before introducing guitar chops, female scat vox and some great space disco stabs. So far, so par for the disco-house course, but a second, sung/spoken female vocal adds a punk-funk edge to make the track stand out. That one's accompanied simply by Kapote's own, fairly self-explanatory Dub, so that just leaves the three mixes of Jaas Func Haus to talk about - and they're all quite different.

Art Of Tones' rub opens with a sampled introduction from "the world famous Village Vanguard", then develops into a jaunty, jazzy little roller with some killer piano vamps and energy to spare. Rahaan's remix is slower-moving and has a hazier, driftaway kinda feel, while Sworn Virgins head in the opposite direction, tuffening up the beats and breaking out a 303 bassline while adding a spoken male vocal ("How strong is too strong? How much is too much?" etc) of their own.

The Original of Delirio Italiano and Art Of Tones' rub of Jaas Func Haus take top honours for me, but this is very solid stuff all round.

Words: Russell Deeks

Release date: 6 September



Review Score: 8




Tags: Kapote, Toy Tonics, house, disco, Art Of Tones, Sworn Virgins, Rahaan